Bachelor of Arts Business Administration

Business Management concentration

This program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded course of business education that is rooted in and enhanced by studies in Biblical Studies, Theology, and Arts and Science. Upon graduation, business majors are equipped to serve both Christian and secular organizations. Through balanced exposure to theoretical and practical learning, graduates are ready to contribute to organizational goals with professionalism and integrity. This degree is designed to give students an overview of the field of business while specializing in one particular area. 

Past graduates have pursued many types of careers including that of a business manager, entrepreneur, accountant, service technician, banking service provider, business development consultant, and many other occupations.

Credit Hours: 120

Mark Ahlseen, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics
Michel Bell, MSc
Adjunct Professor of Business Administration
Paul Magnus, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Management
Steve Robitaille, MBA
Assistant Professor in Business Administration
    Learning Outcomes  Requirements  Program Sheet

Program Overview

The BA Business Administration, concentration in Business Management,  is a 120 credit hour degree program in which students spend 4 years studying at Briercrest. The BA Business Administration requires a minimum of 24 credit hours of 300+ course work within the context of a 120 credit hour degree.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the BA Business Administration will be able to:

  • Demonstrate broad competencies in business fields and specialized competencies in marketing, accountancy, administration, financial services, or human resource management.
  • Articulate a thoughtful understanding of ethics in business.
  • Apply economic theory to interpret and analyze business-related issues.


I. Required (30 credit hours):
ADM 200 Organizational Behaviour
BU 201 Introduction to Marketing
BU 211 Financial Accounting
BU 212 Managerial Accounting
BU 214 Professional and Technical Writing
BU 220 Business Law
BU 350 Human Resource Management
ECON 100 Microeconomics
ECON 101 Macroeconomics
MATH 110 Financial Mathematics

II. Business Management Concentration (30 credit hours):
ADM 367 Principles of Leadership and Administration
BU 100 Introduction to Business Management
BU 320 Corporate Finance
BU 330 Operations Management
BU 420 Strategic Management
BU 400 Senior Business Seminar
CMP 315 Management Information Systems
STAT 200 Introduction to Statistical Methods
Electives - 6 credit hours from the following courses:
BU 310 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
BU 440 Issues in Business Leadership
BU 450 Current Issues in Marketing
BU 490 Business Internship
ECON 315 Development Economics
ECON 420 Labour Economics

PRT 400 Senior Portfolio
SL 1-4 Service and Experiential Learning

In addition, all Bachelor of Arts degrees require the completion of Briercrest's core curriculum.

The most satisfying thing about Briercrest is that I can study in an environment that encourages me in a healthy relationship with God and others. It gives me a chance to make friendships and relationships with those who have the same values as me.
From the National Survey of Student Engagement 2015