Minors Worship Arts

Program Overview


Credit Hours: 21


The Minor in Worship Arts requires 21 credit hours of study including 9 credit hours at the 300+ level.

Required Courses (9 credit hours):
MUS 098 Piano Proficiency (pass/fail)
THEO 301 Worship in the Christian Tradition
WA 420 Worship Leadership
Ensembles (2 credit hours)
Private Lessons (1 credit hours)

Electives (12 credit hours):
CM 461 Issues in Ministry Leadership
COMM 120 Video Production I
COMM 121 Video Production II
COMM/MUS 203 Recording Arts I
COMM/MUS 303 Recording Arts II
MUS 115 Musicianship I
MUS 116 Musicianship II
MUS 130 Basic Voice (2 credit hours)
MUS 140 Basic Piano (2 credit hours)
MUS 160 Live Sound and Production
MUS 206 Musicianship III
MUS 216 History of Western Music I
MUS 217 History of Western Music II
MUS 260 Introduction to Electronic Music
MUS 301 Contemporary Musicianship
MUS 310 Songwriting
MUS 316 History of Western Music III
MUS 323 Conducting I
MUS 324 Conducting II
MUS 330 Vocal Master Class I
MUS 340 Musical Theatre Workshop
MUS 350 Keyboard Improvisation
MUS 363 Advanced Electronic Music
MUS 401 Vocal Pedagogy
MUS 402 Piano Pedagogy
MUS 403 Instrumental Pedagogy
MUS 410 Vocal and Instrumental Arranging
MUS 424 Conducting III
WA 411 Arranging for Worship Teams
Ensembles (2 credit hours)
Private Lessons (2 credit hours maximum)

The Minor in Worship Arts cannot be combined with a Major or Minor in Music or with a BA Christian Ministry with a Worship Arts concentration.

The most satisfying thing about Briercrest is that I can study in an environment that encourages me in a healthy relationship with God and others. It gives me a chance to make friendships and relationships with those who have the same values as me.
From the National Survey of Student Engagement 2015