Bachelor of Arts History

History orients us to the world we inhabit and we need more than just our living memory to make sense of it. Understanding history and historical context expands our horizons and gives us tools to assign meaning to past and current events. The nineteenth-century German writer Goethe said, "He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living from hand to mouth." The past is always with us and history is always unfolding. Learning how to interpret the past makes us better able to live in the present.

The History program at Briercrest is designed to give students a broad awareness of how world societies have come to take their present forms. It will cultivate an appreciation for the people of various cultures whose histories can be radically different and at times surprisingly similar to our own. The study of history prepares students to engage in lives of service by sharpening their analytical skills and improving their abilities to communicate and persuade orally and in writing.

Studying the past gives students a strong foundation for pursuing careers in education, communications, business, law, politics, and more. But it also provides them with the skills needed to navigate a changing world and emerging fields of employment. Studying history is preparation for life. Understanding the past provides us with a broader perspective and keeps us from "living from hand to mouth."

Credit Hours: 120
SHEQAB Approved
Coordinator: Joy Demoskoff

Joy Demoskoff, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Ken Guenter, MA
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History
Alan Guenther, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Calum Macfarlane, PhD
Associate Professor of History and Interdisciplinary Studies
David Miller, PhD
Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism
    Learning Outcomes  Requirements  Program Sheet

Program Overview

The BA History requires 42 credit hours of history or history-related courses (including at least 24 credit hours at 300-400 level). Like most Briercrest programs the BA History requires 39 credit hours at the 300+ level within the context of a 120 credit hour degree. The BA History has been approved by SHEQAB and authorized by the Government of Saskatchewan.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the BA History will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced research skills.
  • Demonstrate an ability to identify bias and argument in both primary and secondary sources.
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of key events, issues, ideas, and historiographical trends in both western and non-western history. Where applicable, students will be able to articulate connections between key events, issues, and ideas.


I. Required Coursework (21 credit hours)
HIS 100 Issues in World History Ior HIS 101 Issues in World History II
HIS 200 Canadian History to Confederationor HIS 201 Canadian History since Confederation
HIS 237 History of Christianity I
HIS 238 History of Christianity II
HIS 280 History and the Historian
HIS 480 Histiography and the Craft of History
HUM 490 Senior Humanities Seminar

II. Field Requirements (21 credit hours)

Includes 18 credit hours at the 300+ level. Within these credit hours, 6 credit hours must be completed in each of the following categories.

Pre-1800 (6 c.h.): CLS 201, HIS 100, HIS 114, HIS 115, HIS 273, HIS 311, HIS 312, HIS 351, HIS 371, HIS 393*, HIS 451, HIS 493*
Post-1800 (6 c.h.): HIS 101, HIS 201, HIS 211, HIS 314, HIS 315, HIS 320, HIS 321, HIS 330, HIS 335, HIS 339, HIS 352, HIS 361, HIS 362, HIS 364, HIS 393*, HIS 430, HIS 431, HIS 433, HIS 441, HIS 460, HIS 466, HIS 493*
European History (6 c.h.): HIS 115, HIS 273, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 320, 321, 420, 460
North American History (6 c.h.): HIS 200, 201, 210, 211, 330, 335, 430, 431, 433, 439
Non-Western History (6 c.h.): HIS 100, 101, 339, 340, 351, 352, 361, 362, 363, 451, 460, 469

III. Free Electives (to bring credit hour total to 120 credit hours)

PRT 400 Senior Portfolio (non-credit)
SL 1-6 Service and Experiential Learning (non-credit)

In addition, all Bachelor of Arts degrees require the completion of Briercrest's core curriculum.

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