Payment Information

When to Pay

Payment for each semester is due in full on Registration Day in the fall semester and the first day of class in the winter semester unless an alternate plan is set up according to the guidelines below in the colored chart.

How Much to Pay

Payments and payment plans can be calculated prior to a semester by completing the Cost Calculator. After the add/drop deadline each semester, accounts can be viewed on Briercrest Live (Finance/Generate a Financial Statement).

For more information you can always contact the Student Finance office through or by calling 306.756.3357.

Payment Plan Options and Due Dates per Semester

*NOTE: If someone other than you is paying your account you must either give them the exact payment amount you are owing or you must update your Consent for Release of Information on Briercrest Live to include the person paying so we can legally provide them with the total.

Payment Policy Chart

How and Where to Pay

Payment Methods


In Person:



In Person:

Cash Counter

Cash Counter (306) 756-3211

Attn: Student Finance

Student Finance Office





Pre-Authorized Debit

Pre-Authorized Debit










Bank Wire






Withdrawn Student Refunds

Tuition & Dorm Room Refunds


Full refund less confirmation deposit and $150 fee

50% refund

25% refund

No refund

Fall Semester

Withdraw in first 10 days of semester

Withdraw by Sep 30

Withdraw by Oct 15

Withdraw after Oct 15

Winter Semester

Withdraw in first 10 days of semester

Withdraw by Jan 31

Withdraw by Feb 16

Withdraw after Feb 15

Meal Plan Refunds

Meal plans will be refunded at 80% of the weekly rate for the weeks remaining in the semester ([semester fee/15 weeks] x 80%). No refunds in the last month of a semester.


Kaléo students follow the Kaléo refund policy.

International Students are refunded according to this same schedule. All remaining funds deposited to a student account for the purposes of demonstrating financial stability for entrance into the country will be refunded.

Students using student loans who withdraw during or after first semester may have a refund sent directly to the National Student Loan Service Centre following provincial student loan guidelines. This could result in the student having an outstanding balance on their student account.

NOTE: Students who are expelled for academic dishonesty or violations of the student conduct code will receive a WF for all classes in the current semester. Tuition refunds may be made following the above timelines.

Individual Course Refund Policy

Please see the Add/Drop Policy

Not in Good Financial Standing = Withheld Documents

Students who have outstanding fees according to the colored chart above will not have access to T2202s, transcripts or diploma and may not be permitted to register for courses for the upcoming semester. Students may not qualify for scholarships, bursaries, awards or rebates.

Regaining Good Financial Standing

Students must meet with the Student Financial Adviser to make payment or set up a Personal payment plan. Once payment has been received or an approved plan has been established, the student will be allowed to continue studying and be permitted to write exams; all restrictions will be removed once payment has been received in full. Students may be required to sign a Student Finance Contract in order to be eligible to return in future semesters.

Tax Information (T2202 and T4A)

All students will have a T2202 tax receipt posted on their online student portal in mid to late February of each year. All fees billed to the student the previous year will be reflected on the T2202. Form T2202 only reports the tuition paid and the number of months the student is enrolled in a qualifying educational program; it does not provide assurance that the student is eligible for the tuition, education, or textbook tax credit. Each student must determine whether or not they are eligible for these tax credits based on their own circumstances. To be eligible for full-time status for tax purposes, a minimum of 10 credit hours per semester is required. For further details, refer to the resource material located on CRA's web site for students or consult your tax advisor.

T4A tax information slips are issued based on scholarships, bursaries, awards, and rebates received if the amount received is greater than $500.00. The slips for the previous calendar year will be placed in student boxes on or before the last day of February.


A finance charge of 1.5% per month or 18% per annum will be applied to all past due accounts.

Externally Funded Students

If the student's education is being funded by an organization or agency, the student must make available grades, finance, and enrolment and attendance information when that agency requests it.

If you have questions about putting together your finances for school, contact

Subject to Change

Please note that polices and rates may change without notice.

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