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Student Government

Student Government is just one way students can get involved at Briercrest College.

Student Government is made up of three groups:

  • student board of representatives
  • presidential team
  • team of coordinators

The president and his or her VP's are responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the student body, setting the annual theme and participating in college chapels.

The team of coordinators is responsible for coordinating events and activities for the student body. Each coordinator has a volunteer team of students they oversee.

The student representatives are liasons between the student body and student government team. They are responsible for governing Student Government and representing the student body as a whole.

Together, Briercrest student government works to create and environment and culture in which all students might truly follow Christ's call on their lives while at Briercrest.

Student Government Constitution (pdf)


I met a lot of professors who truly cared about their students. They taught us with great dignity and respect. I appreciate all of the faculty members that I took classes with. I will continue to keep in touch with some of the ones I connected with.
From the National Survey of Student Engagement 2015