Bachelor of Arts Theology

This program is designed to guide students into the rich and complex heritage of Christian belief and practice. By more deeply understanding the intricacies of the Christian tradition, students will be better able to interpret it within contemporary culture and to appreciate the complex traditions of others. An important component of this involves the careful use of the Christian Scriptures, and so all BA Theology students gain competency in the study of a biblical language. Students also gain skills to think and write clearly as they analyze sophisticated theological ideas. Since a high priority in the program is placed on robust dialogue and discussion, students learn important relational and communication skills.

Finally, since theological ideas shape living and character, students are pushed to become competent and effective leaders in whatever context they find themselves. This program offers broad preparation for a variety of careers. The BA Theology also offers an excellent foundation for graduate studies in fields such as theology, religious studies, and pastoral ministry.

Credit Hours: 120
Coordinator: Amanda Hackney

Ken Guenter, MA
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History
Carl Hinderager, PhD
Professor of New Testament
David Miller, PhD
Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism
Wes Olmstead, PhD
Professor of New Testament
Don Taylor, DTh
Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Susan Wendel, PhD
Associate Professor of New Testament
    Learning Outcomes  Requirements  Program Sheet

Program Overview

The BA Theology requires 39 credit hours of Theology, 12 credit hours of cognate language requirements, and 6 credit hours of cognate Biblical Studies requirements beyond the Core requirements. Like most Briercrest programs, the BA Theology requires 39 credit hours of 300+ course work within the context of a 120 credit hour degree.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the BA Theology will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the historical and theological developments of the Christian church from the New Testament to the Modern era.
  • Skillfully address contemporary intellectual, social, and ecclesiastical issues from a theological perspective.
  • Communicate Christian theological view in the church and society.


I. Required Courses (15 credit hours)
THEO 112 Introduction to Spiritual Theology
THEO 115 Introduction to Christian Theology
THEO 203 History of Christian Theology I
THEO 204 History of Christian Theology II
RLST 410 Methods in the Study of Religion

II. Theology Electives (24 credit hours)
24 credit hours of Theology electives, including at least 6 credit hours at the 400 level. Can include upper level Greek and Hebrew courses:
GRK 301 Greek Exegesis I
GRK 400 Greek Exegesis II
GRK 401 Advanced Greek Exegesis
HEB 300 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis I
HEB 301 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis II

III. Cognate Language Requirements (12 credit hours)
6 credit hours of a single biblical language (Greek or Hebrew) and 6 credit hours of:
(a) upper level Greek or Hebrew or
(b) of a second biblical language or
(c) a modern foreign language

IV. Biblical Studies requirement (21 credit hours with a minimum of 6 credit hours at the 300+ level)
BLST 304 Acts
BLST 305 Wisdom and Poetry Book Study
BLST 306 Romans
BLST 309 John
BLST 310 1 Corinthians (CDE)
BLST 324 Bible Synthesis
BLST 325 Bible Origins: Text, Transmission, and Canon
BLST 331 Scripture and Contemporary Theology
BLST 367 Pentateuch Book Study
BLST 371 Jewish Backgrounds to Early Christianity
BLST 378 Women and Vocation
BLST 381 Hebrews
BLST 385 Revelation
BLST 436 The Gospel of Matthew
BLST 437 The Gospel of Luke
BLST 438 Galatians
BLST 439 The Pastoral Epistles
BLST 440 The Thought and Theology of Paul
BLST 415 Advanced Studies in New Testament Literature
BLST 423 Current Issues in Biblical Interpretation
BLST 425 Advanced Studies in Old Testament Literature
BLST 434 Prophets Book Study
BLST 435 Synoptic Gospels
BLST 454 Religious Studies Seminar
GRK 301 Greek Exegesis I
GRK 400 Greek Exegesis II
GRK 401 Advanced Greek Exegesis
HEB 300 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis I
HEB 301 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis II

Free Electives (to bring credit hour total to 120 credit hours)

PRT 400 Senior Portfolio (non-credit)
SL 1-6 Service and Experiential Learning (non-credit)

In addition, all Bachelor of Arts degrees require the completion of Briercrest's core curriculum.

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