Campus Visit

Visiting campus is the best way for you to experience all that Briercrest has to offer. Join us at an Experience Briercrest event or for a personalized tour to see if Briercrest is the right fit for you!

Experience Briercrest

Held five times throughout the year, Experience Briercrest takes you from class to chapel, from the dining hall to the dorm, and everywhere in between. This event is designed to help you experience and imagine what life as a student at Briercrest College is like.

Plan a visit

If your schedule won't allow you to attend one of our scheduled Experience Briercrest opportunities we would be happy to set up a visit just for you. We recommend that you plan to visit during the school year so that you can see the campus when students are around. You will be able to attend chapel, sit in on a class or two, eat in the dining hall, meet with your admissions adviser, tour the campus, and meet current teachers and staff members.

Campus Visit Travel Incentive

If you come for a visit we would love to help you to cover the cost of your trip.
Here's what you need you to do:

  • Contact our Admissions department and book a visit with one of our staff.
  • Come for the tour and enjoy what Briercrest and Briercrest Christian Academy haveto offer (all on-campus expenses will be paid for you).
  • For College, complete the application process ( online application) to start (if you've already started the application or have already been accepted you can still take advantage of this offer)!
  • Upon acceptance and arrival on campus as a student, we will offer you a tuition waiver of $100-$500 (see the waiver calculation below to find out how much you're eligible to receive).

Your visit is very important to us! Our staff and teachers look forward to seeing you on campus and showing you our unique way of life here at Briercrest and Briercrest Christian Academy.

Tuition waiver calculation and eligibility

It was [at Briercrest] that my faith changed from an organized set of beliefs to a realization that there is a God and He is good and worthy of our life.
Luke Rafuse