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Church Reconciliation and Indigenous Peoples in Thunder Bay with Milissa Ewing

Posted: December 11, 2023

When your church and your community both need healing, where do you begin? In this episode, we talk with Milissa Ewing about leadership challenges in a church wrestling with past abuse in a city marked with a bad reputation. We also discuss women in ministry, Indigenous leadership, and gospel contextualization. Milissa is the Lead Pastor of Redwood Park Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario. To learn more about the church or to contact Milissa, visit www.redwoodpark.org.

In the pre-show, Rob, Dan, and Geoff talk alot about coffee. They also discuss ways for pastors to share their leadership challenges with others. For more information about the podcast, visit www.churchinthenorth.ca. For questions or inquiries, please email us: podcast@churchinthenorth.ca. If you like what you hear, please share this podcast with others, give us a review, or leave a comment.