Bachelor of Arts

Biblical Studies (Honours)

Be equipped to thoughtfully interpret the Bible and do biblical teaching or research. 

Discover the various aspects of biblical interpretation, and apply the teachings of Scripture to your immediate context in a community dedicated to following Jesus.

BA Honours students have the opportunity to dive deeper into an area that interests them with the supervision of a faculty member. Conduct research and prepare and defend an honours thesis in Biblical Studies.

Grow to love the word of God and carry it with you wherever you go.

Join our community

Experience the richness of a community dedicated to understanding and obeying God's word together. Study Scripture in class and practice it in community—there is no better way to study the Bible.

Specialize your study

Dive deeper into an area of Biblical Studies that interests you. Get the opportunity to conduct research and create an honours thesis under close supervision from a faculty member.

Gain interpretive skills

Taking Biblical Studies gives students the skills and methods to interpret Scripture for life. Along with Biblical research, ministry, and/or personal study, these skills are essential in any number of settings.

Kaitlyn Dufresne

I was drawn to the program through a desire for a more thorough knowledge of God's Word. Though I did grow in this area, being taught by professors who are modeling what it means to be passionate disciples of Jesus had the most impact.

  • Overview
  • Requirements

The BA Biblical Studies (Honours) program allows greater specialization than is possible in the standard BA Biblical Studies program. It is designed for students who wish for deeper insight and more intensive training in their subject of special interest and who are able to meet the higher standards set. Entrance into this program is by application following the completion a minimum of 45 credit hours, and the student is required to have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 at the time of entry. Approval is subject to faculty availability and competence in the area of research.


Graduates of the BA Biblical Studies (Honours) will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an intermediate level of proficiency in one biblical language (Greek or Hebrew) and a beginning level of proficiency in the other (Greek or Hebrew) so as to read and carefully interpret the Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament with attention to its ancient historical, literary, and cultural contexts.
  • Complete a major independent research project that advances a sustained argument.
  • Articulate a reflective approach to interpretation.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the interpretation of Scripture for the life of the church through leadership, teaching or preaching.

Students must complete 45 credit hours of major requirements, including 33 credit hours at the 300-400 levels with a minimum of 12 credit hours at the 400 level. In addition, students must take at least 18 credit hours of biblical languages, including at least 12 credit hours in one language (Hebrew or Greek) and 6 credit hours in a second biblical language. Students who complete this program will also be awarded a minor in Ancient and Biblical Languages.

Credit Hours: 120

I. Required Courses (6 credit hours)
BLST 111 Introduction to the Old Testament
BLST 109 Introduction to the New Testament
BLST 423 Advanced Hermeneutics

II. Electives (45 credit hours)
Minimum 6 credit hours must be taken in each of the 3 domains: (a) Old Testament Studies; (b) New Testament Studies; and (c) Backgrounds and Methodological issues.

A minimum of at least 21 credit hours must be taken at the 300+ level including 12 credit hours taken at the 400 level (this may not include BLST 426 Biblical Studies Internship).

III. Honours Thesis (6 credit hours)
Students are required to complete BLST 498/99 Honours Thesis (6 credit hours), including an oral defense or public presentation and the production of a library-acceptable copy. The Honours thesis must be defended before two faculty members, one of whom (typically the second reader) may be a non-Briercrest faculty member.

IV. Cognate Language Requirements (18 credit hours)
12 credit hours of one biblical language (Greek or Hebrew) and at least 6 credit hours of the other.
Note: students may count the second year of the second biblical language as Biblical Studies Electives.

Cognate Theological Studies Requirements (6 credit hours)
6 credit hours chosen from the following courses:
HIS 114 The Ancient and Medieval World I
HIS 115 The Ancient and Medieval World II
HIS 339 World Christianity from the Colonial Period to the Present
HIS 431 History of Christianity in Canada
HIS 433 History of Christianity in the USA
HIS 441 Christianity and Science from Copernicus to Creation Science
IDST 300 Christianity and the Natural Sciences
IDST 400 Advanced Studies in Christian World Views
PAST 437 Pastoral Theology I
PHI/RLST 455 Philosophy of Religion
THEO 203 History of Christian Theology I
THEO 204 History of Christian Theology II
THEO 312 Classics of Christian Spirituality
THEO 313 Prayer in the Christian Tradition
THEO 330 The Triune God
THEO 331 Scripture and Canon
THEO 334 Baptism and the Lord�s Supper
THEO 337 Comparative Studies on the Church
THEO 350 Jesus the Christ
THEO 351 The Holy Spirit
THEO 357 Christian Hope and Eschatology
THEO 370 Theology of Mission
THEO 453 Marriage, Singleness and Human Sexuality in Theological Perspective
THEO 461 Christianity and Other Faiths
THEO 471 Studies in Historical Theology
THEO 472 Early Christian Texts
THEO 473 Late Medieval and Reformation Era Texts
THEO 474 Modern Era Texts
THEO 480 The Theology of Augustine
THEO 488 The Theology of Karl Barth
THEO 491 Theology and Political Engagement

VI. Free Electives (to bring credit hour total to 120 credit hours)

PRT 400 Senior Portfolio (non-credit)
SL 1-6 Service and Experiential Learning (non-credit)

In addition, all Bachelor of Arts degrees require the completion of Briercrest's core curriculum.


Ken Guenter
Ken Guenter MA
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History
Carl Hinderager
Carl Hinderager PhD
Professor of New Testament
David Miller
David Miller PhD
Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism
Wes Olmstead
Wes Olmstead PhD
Professor of New Testament
Don Taylor
Don Taylor DTh
Assistant Professor of Old Testament
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I have been incredibly blessed to be a part of a community that not only dared me to 'think brave thoughts' but also dared me to be a more authentic follower of Christ.
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